image: aerial view of project location
fallen burned trees leave ghosts of ash

“Landscapes are culture before they are nature, constructs of the imagination projected onto wood and water and rock.”

Simon Schama, Landscape and Memory

Nectar Grove will be a large scale land-art installation produced on a bushland property west of the Blue Mountains in NSW that was devastated by the recent bushfires. We will plant a 60m diameter circular grove that attracts native birds and bees. The concentric circles will be planted with tall native trees on the outside edge and progressively smaller shrubs and bushes, creating a bowl of nectar that will nurture bees and honey eaters. Each circle will contain plants producing different flowers creating bands of changing colour. Viewers will enter the garden to spend peaceful, contemplative time in the circular space at the centre of the artwork planted with native grasses.
This project is about regeneration, resilience and a creative vision for the future.

image: project site location

project target species - birds sighted on property


brown-headed honey eater
fuscous honeyeater
white-naped honeyeater
yellow-faced honeyeater
new holland honeyeater
eastern spinebill
lewin's honeyeater
white-eared honeyeater
little wattlebird
red wattlebird

other birds

king parrot
crimson rosella
cicada bird
gangang cockatoo
yellow-tailed black cockatoo
superb lyrebird
satin bowerbird
little wattlebird
noisy friarbird
pied currawong
wedge tail eagle
silver eye
grey butcherbird
grey fantail
rufous fantail
willie wagtail
rose robin
eastern yellow robin
superb blue wren
white-winged chough
pair of spotted pardelote
barking owl
sooty owl
hooded robin
large-billed scrubwren
little grassbird
southern whiteface
wonga pigeon
brown thornbill
brown treecreeper
white-throated treecreeper

target native bees

stingless bee
yellow & black carpenter bee
green carpenter bee
reed bee
blue banded bee
teddy bear bee
leafcutter bee
resin bee
homalictus bee
masked bee